#6 - Gaining confidence

Today's goal was to work out details of the project, since we plan to begin marketing soon.
As we began to talk about our specific objectives as an organization, we began with the basic question: What will be are main activity? Right away, the ideas began to roll; ideas within their context and reality. I was surprised by how much they are willing to invest in this project, and most of all, how they now believe THEY CAN DO IT.
With all honesty, their confidence is contagious and reinforces my confidence that we are on the right path: to see lives changed. Every workshop fills my heart with joy because I see persons who want to change their history.
One of them said to me: "If you hadn't been here to teach us, I would probably continue to be a beast of burden in the markets, carrying sacks of produce for others, to earn a few cents for my family. But now here we are, creating our own organization, and working on forming our own business." Before he would never have believed it. They are even surprising me!
We are also talking about beginning a similar project for the women of the community. Some ideas are beginning to take shape.
By training and teaching others, we are changing the way they think and see their reality. To God be the glory!

#5 - Defining the Objective

After a few years of experience, I have found that among the Indigenous Folk it has always been difficult to start a community project, and even more difficult to come to an agreement. But when I arrived at Capulispungo I found they had made great progress in the project. They told me that they had been meeting to discuss and define the bylaws of their new organization for marketing.

They also told me that they have found a small house in Guamote that will serve as their distribution center for potatoes. At only $100 dollars a month for rent! They also have set a tentative date to begin selling. I was very surprised to see how far they have come in such a short time! Praise God!

We held a devotional on Jeremiah 29:10-12, and understood one of God's promises for our lives: "Because I know the plans I have for you; plans for GOOD and not for evil." This promise is becoming part of their lives: God is with them.

Workshop #4 - Structuring the organization

Today's workshop was practical: we began to discuss exactly HOW to structure an organization. The best part was that now they are understanding what they need to do, and what type of organization they need. And they are doing it according to THEIR real needs.
This was our fourth workshop. They are excited because they are learning how to do things in order and with a specific objective: to create jobs for their community.
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