#8 - Changing a Mentality

Today we worked on making a functional Organization Chart for the new company "CAPANVI C.A" that they have established in order to begin marketing their produce.
To my surprise they had already made an organizational chart! (This was their homework from the last workshop.) And most important is that they really understand what they're doing! This is not common conversation among a group like this, which implies that their mentalidad is undergoing a dramatic change.
Next we talked about how to create a vision for the company. Even though they already have clear objectives and know what they want to accomplish, I needed to teach them to project their desires toward the future. They began to understand this and now are building their dreams for what they want to accomplish with this company.
To see an indigenous group like this change the way they think is impressive. They now have their own company, and are thinking in an orderly fashion of how to advance through their work. Only God can do a miracle like this. I think of the bible verse: Matthew 22:39 - "Love your neighbor as yourself."